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You may have found a Door Hanger Tag

Please read this information to see why we left this Door Tag with you.
Thank you

Door Hanger Tag in English



We leave this Door Tag with you because we were not able to contact you
We believe that a Radio Frequency signal is being generated or transmitted from this object, device, or telephone pole.
Please Call us to set up an appointment to meet one of our Field Technical REpresentatives.

Door Hanger Tag in English

When you find a door hanger or tag on your property from Signal Slayers, it means that one of our
Field Technical Personnel has reason to believe that a Radio Frequency signal is being generated
or transmitted from this location. We arrived at your location because this signal is interfering
with a user of Radio Signals such as a Cellular Carrier, or a Public Safety organization such as
the Police or fire-Rescue has asked us for assistance.

If you are operating wireless devices such as cameras, baby monitors, amplified TV antennas,
cordless telephones and a wide range of other simple and seemingly harmless electronic devices,
one of them in this location may be defective. Even though it may still appear to work properly,
it may be causing a problem for one of our customers. If the interference is to a Cellular Carrier
or Public Safety organization, time is of the essence and it is imperative that you give us a call
to schedule an appointment to verify whether this signal is indeed coming from your location. If
you know what the device is, you can simply unplug it and never use it again. If you want us to
help you find the device, there is NO CHARGE for us to assist you with this.

If for some reason you decide not to give us a call and we have to return to your location again
to try to make contact with you, we will of course do this. If we are unable to make contact with
you, or you actively refuse to assist us with shutting off the source of the interference, we must
refer the situation to several other possible agencies for assistance. These agencies might include
local law enforcement or the Federal Communications Commission, who may also engage local or Federal
law enforcement personnel for assistance.

It is our goal at Signal Slayers to act as intermediaries between the companies having problems with
this interference, and the enforcement agencies. We are paid for our services by the communications
customer and there is never a charge to you. All we ask is that you allow us to locate the defective
device and shut it off so that the radio systems operators can provide quality service to their
customers and 911, in a safe and reliable way.

Thank you,
Signal Slayer Gary.

Please, we ask your cooperation in solving this problem.

Door Hanger Tag in English



We can work together and we will solve your problems:

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