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You may have found some handsome Vinyl Tape

Please read this information to see why we left this tape wraped around something.
Thank you

Vinyl Locator Tape in English



When we leave some of our Signal Slayers Vinyl Tape wrapped around something,
we believe that a Radio Frequency signal is being generated or transmitted from this object, device, or telephone pole.
Please leave this tape in place for the repair crew.

Vinyl Locator Tape in English

When you find something on or near your property wrapped up in some of our signal Slayers Vinyl Locator Tape,
this means that one of our Field Technical Representatives believes that a Radio Signal of some kind
or other source of interference is coming from this device, or object. We ask that you please leave
the tape tied to the object.

We put the tape on the object to help repair crews located the source of the Radio Signal so that
repairs can be made. Very often these Radio Signals cause problems with 911 and other forms of
emergency radio communications. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as a cable TV leak but the
repair crews have trouble locating the leak which is why Signal Slayers was called out.
Please leave the tape where you found it. If you removed the tape, please put it back on the device
and a repair crew will remove the tape when they arrive to repair the problem. If you have any
other questions, please feel free to call us.

Thank you,
Signal Slayer Gary.

Please, we ask your cooperation in solving this problem.

Vinyl Locator Tape in English



We can work together and we will solve your problems:

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